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Tuesday 24th June 2014

Be brave with social media!

Thinking about using social media to engage with your customers and drive sales but can’t quite muster the courage to take the plunge?
These our quick tips on how to be brave and take advantage of one of the cheapest and most targeted ways of reaching your audience.
Be relevant…
Think about what your audience wants or needs to know. It’s far more important than what you want to tell them.
Be responsive…
News gets old very quickly. Be the first to share relevant news with your audience. Comment on stories as they are happening not days or weeks later.
Be snappy…
Make your content easy to digest. Highlight key points, use headers and create lists and bullet points. Better still use info graphics or images to tell the story.
Be professional…
Using social media opens your business up to criticism. Don’t take negative comments personally and ensure your response will improve your audience’s perception of you, even if you can’t change the mind of the person who has posted the comment.
Be realistic…
Think about how much time you can realistically spare on social media and don’t set yourself un-achievable goals. It will be difficult to come up with a compelling piece of news every day but it may be possible to share something once a week.
Be savvy…
All of your content does not have to be written by yourself. It’s fine to share other people’s news and content as long as you are clear where it has come from. On most social media platforms this is encouraged and very easy to do. Just add your own comment to show why it’s relevant to your followers.
Be reflective…
Keep reviewing your engagement stats and make sure you know which stories get you most noticed. This may change over time as your audience grows so this isn’t something you can do once and then forget.
Be connected…
Social media cannot be used in isolation. Add links on your website to the social media platforms you are active on and link back to your website from your posts, when relevant.
Be brave…
Go for it. Don’t spend too much time agonising over what you post. As long as you follow these simple guidelines you won’t go far wrong.
Good luck!
For more information on how you can leverage the power of social media contact Herne
Rozz Algar  
Hannah Smith
Sharon Bristow  

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