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Monday 29th February 2016

Training your employees is worth the investment!

For SME's the challenge of recruiting and retaining good staff is a key one, so every penny you spend on this endeavour needs to be money well spent.

The truth of the matter is that poorly trained staff cost significantly more to support than well trained ones.  Untrained or poorly trained workers are much more likely to be demotivated, less able to carry out the tasks set for them, are less productive and more likely to make mistakes.  So when put like that why wouldn’t a business do what it can to train them?

Well frequently the simple answer is that training costs time and money and it can be hard for a small business to set aside the resources to do this.

But let us look at all the positive benefits there are for the individuals as well as the business and then ask ourselves the question again – can we really afford not to train our staff?


Training helps staff to feel valued …

For staff the simple fact that their employer is investing in them will make them feel valued.  Feeling valued is much more likely to mean that they will be motivated, they will go the extra mile and contribute to a much higher level.  With training and development comes a personal sense of satisfaction and this will help to make them feel more confident in what they do.  With confidence will come a willingness to take on more responsibility and to innovate.

And the benefits to companies of training and developing their staff is even greater

Whilst it is lovely to offer staff training and watch them gain in confidence and ability, if it just ended there it wouldn’t be commercially viable.  But the great news is that the benefits to the businesses is probably even greater than those felt by the individuals.


·    Training your staff helps your business run better – staff are better equipped to handle customer enquiries, make sales and use systems effectively

·         Training ensures that things are done consistently – and consistency of your product and service delivery will ensure that customer satisfaction remains high throughout.

·         Training is a positive recruiting tool – staff these days are looking for so much more than just a pay cheque and therefore offering them the opportunity to gain new skills will make your business much more appealing to them.

·      Training is a retention tool - as we have seen training and development encourages staff to stay and what company wouldn’t want to avoid unnecessary recruitment and induction training costs where it can?

·         Training your staff ensures that you have a flexible and efficient team.  Cross training your team can make them capable of doing more than just one task, ensuring that you can adapt your business to meet your needs.


So all in all training your staff offers significant benefits and should be seen as money well spent and the right thing to do for you and your business. 

But a word of caution …. Seeing a return on your investment may take some time and while training will take from the bottom line in the short term, having faith and holding firm to reap the rewards long term means you need to hold your nerve!


Herne provide training and development packages and 121 coaching.  See the current training programme or for more details email  rozz@herne.org.uk

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