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Sunday 19th July 2015

Client spotlight - Smart people doing smart things!

This month we would to showcase our fantastic client NutriCalc®.  Clever people do clever things and none more so than the people at Nutricalc® the creators of nutrition calculation software and pioneers in the field for the food and beverage industry.  The software is written and supported by food scientist Dr David Bartley, who managed food laboratories for many years,  is a pioneer of accurate and convenient nutrition calculations on recipes.

'We have been supplying the food industry with our unique software for over 20 years and are proud of our industry-standard packages, which have gradually evolved since we started in 1991.

At NutriCalc® we are passionate about what we do. We bring a unique expertise, a fanatical attention to detail and a commitment to giving excellent customer service. We believe that integrity is an absolutely essential ingredient in any business, and for this reason, to this day, as from the beginning, we remain transparent and completely independent.


We are committed to maintaining our position as the leading nutrition information software, and firmly believe that functionality is much more important than frills. To this end, we use the highest quality data, which is unrivalled.'


Recent News & Articles

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