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Thursday 30th June 2016

Fully customisable QMS that meets ISO 9001:2015 OUT NOW!

 We are pleased to announce that we have finalised what is probably the most complete ISO 9001:2015 compliant example of a generic Quality Management System (QMS) that can, with very little trouble, be suitably customised to suit all types of organisations - and it is available to buy now!

Consisting of a Quality Manual (supported by the four main Quality Processes, 31 Quality Procedures and 16 Work Instructions) this QMS covers every element of the standard and is guaranteed to meet (and sometimes exceed) the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

This is an excellent resource for any small or medium sized business looking to work towards ISO certification, without having the expense of a consultant doing the work for you. Fully customisable, it can be used as a basic template for any organisation wishing to work in compliance with, or gain registration to, ISO 9001:2015.

The very nature of this publication allows the purchaser to reproduce/copy/amend all of the pages included in this soft copy of the generic Quality Manual (together with its accompanying Quality Procedures and Work Instructions) provided that it is completed in accordance with the use of the software, as contained in the Software licence issues with the product.


For convenience, it is divided into four parts.

User Instructions

Part 1 - The Quality Manual

Part 2 - Quality Procedures

Part 3 - Work Instructions and Templates

Recent News & Articles

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