Wiring Regulations in Brief



· Tired of trawling through the Wiring Regs?

· Perplexed by Part P?

· Confused by cables, conductors and circuits?

Then look no further! This handy guide provides an on-the-job reference source for Electricians, Designers, Service Engineers, Inspectors, Builders, Students, DIY enthusiasts.
Topic-based chapters link areas of working practice – such as cables, installations, testing and inspection, special locations – with the specifics of the Regulations themselves. This allows quick and easy identification of the official requirements relating to the situation in front of you.

The requirements of the regulations, and of related standards, are presented in an informal, easy-to-read style that strips away confusion. Packed with useful hints and tips, and highlighting the most important or mandatory requirements, this book is a concise reference on all aspects of the seventeenth edition IEE Wiring Regulations.

Author: Ray Tricker
Publisher: Routledge
Published:21st August 2012
Paperback: 978-0-415-52687-6
Kindle: B009E3EPPU
eBook: 978-0-203-11571-8